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Define Permanent Makeup by Dorothy Tenenbaum RN, BSN, VA-BC and CPDA

Throughout my 23 years as a Registered Nurse I have worked in a variety of specialty fields from Cardiac Units, Medical Surgical units, Wound care and skin healing with severely complicated cases, Emergency department to my current position as the Lead RN for the Vascular Access Team.  In my current role under strict sterile technique I insert special catheters deep through skin and muscle to access deep veins in the upper arm and tunnel the catheter to the main vein by the heart. This requires a very precise and skillful hand to avoid any damage to surrounding nerves or arteries. During the evaluation of my patients I also noticed many had very unnatural looking permanent makeup or a very overdone look  It was during this time that I realized there was a need for a subtle, natural looking permanent cosmetics. I took an interest and researched the permanent makeup industry to find out best practitioners in this field. My training was with Susan Church a highly respected and renowned permanent makeup artist with 35 years of experience.

I further trained in Europe to learn different techniques for fine eyebrow hair strokes with machine and microblading.  I always enjoyed art and often my paintings of people were displayed in school.  My permanent makeup career brings my medical background, love of science and art for the best outcomes to beautifully define facial features.

My experience as an RN have proved invaluable in the understanding of skin healing, precise skill level and infection control required to insure the safest and most desirable results for your procedure.

I look forward to meeting you. 



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